If you don’t know what cinemagraphs are, basically they are photographs but one or very few elements have repeated movements. Think of it as a video, in GIF form, but only certain parts are moving and it’s often in an endless loop. France-based freelance photographer Julien Douvier has some amazing examples you won’t be able to stop staring at.

The term cinemagraph was first used by Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg, and it’s obviously taken the Internet by storm. In fact, we see cinemagraphs all the time at shows like America’s Next Top Model. However, Julien’s works are so stunning that the press have dubbed them as zen-like.

This 24-year-old designer based in Strasbourg has great attention to detail. “I will never release something I’m not satisfied of, even if I have to spend a lot of extra time on it,” he writes on his Tumblr site.

On top of all that, he also says each digital piece he creates is not just some meaningless photo that happens to loop perfectly. “I could create a lot of personal projects, but I don’t want them to be meaningless,” he describes. “A lot of things inspire(s) [sic] me … Everything that is visual is a source of inspiration.”

Take a look at just a few of Julien’s work and see how ridiculously satisfying and hypnotizing they are to look at:











You can visit Julien’s website for more info about him and images.

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