Just a week ago, we featured TAE favs Os Gêmeos taking over New York City all month. Little did we know they weren’t done taking over the Big Apple, as they collaborated with another TAE fav, French artist JR, twice! The second time around, they even added Mr. Andre to the mix.

The all-star street art combo mixed their individual signature styles together to create a quirky piece! The Portuguese twins Os Gêmeos’s tagging character, as well as JR’s paste up eyes, and Mr. Andre’s silhouettes all come together to create a fun mixed media mural:




But before collaborating with Mr. Andre, Os Gêmeos and JR did yet another collab in NYC. The twins’ tagging characters can be seen as if they were the ones pasting up one of JR’s creations on one of the city’s traditional brick buildings.


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Why do they work so well together, you might ask? Well, it’s probably because earlier this year, the two TAE favs already collaborated in São Paulo, Brazil and it was just as gorgeous. We reckon this kick started their brains into overdrive and we certainly hope there will be more collaboration pieces between them!



All artworks are by the artists JR, Os Gêmeos and Mr. Andre. Pictures by Street Art News, lostkaws, theonewhoknows, and Daniel Weintraub.

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