If you’ve been to TAE before, you know we have a soft spot for French artist JR, and that we’ve featured him several times already on the website. His distinct style of mixing photography with street art is really eye catching! A self-described “photograffeur,” JR’s massive street art consists of black and white images he took, which he then flyposts in public spaces.

Quite recently he impacted the NYC project #WalkingNewYork which you can read about here and here, as well as his worldwide project Wrinkles of the City which you can read about here. However, aside from his other breathtaking art found all over the world, JR contributed his art to the 2016 Summer Olympics, currently held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Other than these pieces of art being made specifically for the Olympics, what makes these newer pieces different than JR’s usual style is that the photographs were printed on giant pieces of fabric! These massive fabric prints are then attached to scaffolds, resulting in a sheer yet gigantic image overlooking the city.

Ahead of the opening of the Olympics last weekend, JR unveiled his two newest pieces. The first is of Sudanese high jumper, Mohamed Younes Idriss. In an impressive photo by JR, the 27-year-old athlete based in Cologne, Germany “jumps” over a 25-story apartment building in the heart of Rio.

As part of Inside Out project by JR, the large pieces towering over Rio are more than just for public consumption. What makes JR’s piece of art dedicated to Mohamed Younes Idriss special is that this athlete unfortunately missed out on the qualification for this year’s Olympics because of an injury. “He is there somehow,” JR says on his Instagram.


The second piece, however, is of an as yet unidentified diver, whose body seems to be diving into the water in Rio’s Barra neighborhood. The third is a swimmer in Guanabara bay, while the fourth is a crescent moon placed above a residence for artists (not shown).



We’re looking forward to more Olympics art by JR! If you spot any, do let us know.





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All artwork are by JR. Images by various owners. h/t: Bored Panda, Colossal, CNN, Design Boom, Hype Beast

More on JR on the following:

Website: jr-art.net
Instagram: @jr
Store: erasedtapes.com/store

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