Did you all enjoy last night’s event TAE curated? If so, here in another creative event that will be right up your ally – this time it’s from F+ Gallery, and it’s an exhibit that will last for about a month. Tomorrow, Saturday the 18th, will be the opening reception for RECLAIMED: The Art of Modern Woodwork.

The event tomorrow night will go from 7pm until 10pm at F+ Gallery in Santa Ana, California. If you live near there, I suggest you drop by because the stuff they have there are cool. Running until November 15, the exhibit curated by Micah Kersh and Jeremy Venaas will feature the works of Mylan Chacon, Chris Hitchcock, Michael Giancristiano, Paul Gillemette, Jeremy Venaas, Micah Kersh, David Clyde Kersh and Danny Schutt.

What makes reclaimed woodwork so amazing is that there’s both craftsmanship and artistry involved, and together they make use of the three Rs – recycle, reclaim, and reuse all sorts of wood. Everything we normally ignore like weathered planks from a fence or broken pieces of wooden furniture can be turned into beautiful heirloom pieces or even functional art.

Here are just some stuff you can expect to see at F+ for the next month or so. The top pic is from Michael Giancristiano, while the one at the bottom is from Paul Gillemette:



Here are sample works of the other artists as well, just to give you a feel of what their art might be like:






Here is the Artist Line Up

Mylan Chacon
Paul Guillemette
Michael Giancristiano
Jeremy Venaas
Chris Hitchcock
Micah Kersh
Danny Schutt
David Clyde Kersh

Visit the event page on Facebook for details. You can also visit the F+ Gallery website for other stuff.

Thanks for reading!