There is so much talent these days that it’s impossible to narrow things down for each daily feature. Today TAE is all about illustrations and typography, as we haven’t featured some in a while. I discovered Jesse Caverly when his work was submitted to us and our team of creatives were impressed by his works.

Jesse started making art from a young age, gaining support from his parents. Although separated, both still had the common notion that Jesse should explore personal expression. By age 10, Jesse already wrote and drew two Tintin knock-off comics, The Adventures of Marshall Rogers (see image below). He’s come a long way since, now pursuing a career as an author on top of his day job as a designer, creating visuals for social media campaigns.


He gets inspired by plenty of artists. “Don’t get me started,” he joked. He then elaborated that both writers and artists give him ideas and inspiration. “I’d say Los Bros Hernandez, Lydia Mullet, Jessica Hische, Stephen King, Henri Matisse, and Richard Avedon. For starters,” he laughs.

I think it’s cool that he finds inspiration not just from fellow artists – you can get ideas from so many different sources! The great thing is that he gets ideas from writers like Stephen King, ‘cause novelists like him allow creatives like us to imagine from words.

“For me it’s less about inspiration & more about being driven to do it. But I take inspiration from comic books, typography, and lately, Kameshibai (the pre-cursor to Japanese manga & anime, an old school story telling tradition from the streets of Tokyo),” he explains in our interview.

While he works mainly on digital art, he is easily drawn to “These days I find I am more drawn to the pre-digital, when art was ink and paint and the gory details were things you could touch and smell. The museums here in San Diego offer a lot of that to explore.”

Here are some of the things Jesse submitted which I think are just fabulous:










You can visit Jesse’s website for more. Thanks for reading!