We all know there’s a world below us that is still left unexplored, and a Russian marine biologist named Alexander Semenov has a passion for photographing such “alien” locations. A large number of his photos were taken in Russia’s White Sea, while the newest images are from the ongoing Aquatilis expedition.

Aquatilis aims to show what many of us aren’t aware of – the hidden animal kingdoms beneath deep ocean waters. “You can’t actually study gelata in labs or in an aquarium, because their bodies can fall apart from a single human touch,” say the expedition team. Alexander is leading the team of scientists in this three-year expedition that goes all over the world.

The underwater photographer says he “loves the Sea,” and that he does what he does because he wants to study underwater life through the lenses and hopefully get other people interested in marine biology. Alexander often shares his findings both through social media and in person, as well as having been featured by the Smithsonian, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Nature, and the BBC, among many others.

Here are just a few of his gorgeously captured jellyfish images:












You can learn about jellyfish and Alexander’s projects on his website. Thanks for reading!