Australian artist Britta Boeckmann combines resin with jagged wood in order to create something entirely new – jewelry. Some even glow in the dark, resembling otherworldly looking gems and other psychedelic stuff. Britta’s colorful pieces are fashionable, creative, and rather gorgeous.

The Melbourne-based jeweler, in some way, makes the imperfect quite perfect. The jagged pieces of wood become smooth and somewhat become a piece of a slightly larger aesthetic puzzle. The creations become rings, pendants, earrings, and the like – each piece created by hand and sans templates.

While the process varies from piece to piece, each uses their own individual molds, and then casting the resin and wood together. After fusion, the artist sands the pieces into shape, then oiling or varnishing to finish them off.

This process allows Britta to make the pieces without a set plan, basically creating things organically. Each piece she creates is unique, and on her website she describes them as “100% hand crafted and inspired by Australia’s Flora and Fauna.”

The artist originated from Cloppenburg , Germany, and after graduating with a degree in industrial design in 2013 she moved to Melbourne via London. After having originally started out in Wangaratta Woodworkers studio, Britta now has her own.






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You can view Britta’s Etsy shop BoldB to order. Older designs can be viewed on her website. You can also connect on social media via Facebook and Instagram.

All images from Britta’s website. Artist’s photo shot by Natalie Jeffcott.

h/t: So Super Awesome, Colossal