Is Thailand a street artist’s paradise? With little or no law enforcement in most places, painting a 30 foot wall seems like an easy thing to accomplish without having to sneak around during odd hours of the night. Because of this, street art is everywhere throughout Thailand. Most paintings I found were on the sides of tattered old building structures or walls in hidden alleys. The art on these damaged spaces definitely add life and culture for locals and tourists to experience.

tae street art cover photo

While traveling through Thailand in search of street art, I discovered “Skull Bunny” and deemed it as one of my favorites! I love the vivid blue and pink colors used to create such a playful character. This character style has been popular in different parts of Asia, including various cities in Japan and China.

street art thailand 2

This Thai rendition of Little Red Riding Hood was discovered in Chaing Mai right outside the popular Saturday Night Market. This piece is a bit old, but you can tell that it was applied to the wall instead of painted. I found that sticker art is as popular in Thailand as it is in America.

street art thailand01

What I call “Mouse Skull” was the most commonly seen street art symbol in all of Thailand. It was in every city at least 3-10 times. Each installation was presented a bit differently, but the overall theme was peace and love. The above image includes 2 pieces found in Bangkok and below 1 found in Chaing Mai.

street art thailand02

street art thailand 16

This artist stands out from the rest by using complementary colors, block shapes, and eye paintings in all of his/her masterpieces. I found one installation from this artist in every city!

street art thailand 12

street art thailand 6

Culture definitely plays a big roll in art subjects in Thailand. Many of the street art characters I found were fish, birds, cats, and elephants, all of which are part of a Thai person’s everyday life.

street art thailand 11

street art thailand 9

street art thailand 5

street art thailand 4

Older American pop culture is also very popular in Thailand. I discovered stencils of Elvis Presely, Bob Marley, The Beatles, and I love Lucy.

street art thailand 7

This painting was on a business “door” in Bangkok.

street art thailand 3

street art thailand 03

street art thailand 11Thanks for reading!!