Inspiringly Bewitching Images by Viktorija Raggana
While scouring the net for more artists to feature, one of the TAE creative discovered photography by Viktorija Rekašiūtė Raggana. Having grown up in Lithuania, Viktorija says she “grew up in a place surrounded by woods and jungle-like meadows,” which serves as inspiration for her work.

She writes, “All this natural habitat around me created a wide imagination and ability to see things deeper than the average human eye.” She loves to travel, wander, and observe whatever is around her, and she translates that into photographs. “Over time, (my) photography was born, where the characters in them have become as though my reflection.”

She also notes that every image she creates is a “message to the world” to open our eyes and create images of our senses. “My work is not about a twinkle here and now that we usually see,” she asserts. “It’s like an illusion to the eye, invisible but felt as a moment.”

Viktorija’s work will be on display at her personal exhibition this January. If you’re from the area, or visiting Lithuania, go to Juozas Art Gallery in Vilnius. You will also be able to purchase large canvas prints if you want to have a piece of her art in your home.












For more of Viktorija’s enchanting photography, like her Facebook page.

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