Inspiring Mountain Photography by Polish Artist Karol Nienartowicz

If you have been following my Instagram, you know I have been traveling lately. In my recent trips I have gone to Mount Shasta here in California, so discovering the photography of a Polish 29-year-old artist named Karol Nienartowicz has inspired me even more.

Born in Jelenia Góra but now residing in Gdansk, Karol is no stranger to mountaineering. For over 10 years, he has been taking photos of his adventures. “I still recall one particular day in summer of 2003, when my mom took me on my first mountain trip,” Karol remembers.

“I saw that heart-breathing beauty of mountains and I quickly wanted to share this feeling with other people! Thus, I took my photo camera on my next trip,” he says. “Since that moment, I’ve photographed mountains, combining photography with my great passion for traveling.”

Like myself, Karol spends a lot of his time traveling whenever he can. According to him, he spends plenty of time hiking in mountains, going through literally a thousand miles worth of trails. In fact, he never really stays put in Gdansk for too long.

“I’ve visited and photographed more than 20 European countries,” he describes. “I’ve photographed the Polish, Slovakian, Romanian and Ukrainian Carpathians, the Alps in Switzerland, France, Austria, Italy, Germany and Slovenia, the mountains of Albania, Bosnia and Macedonia and Scottish Grampian.”

What an adventurer this guy is! His fav subject would be the Alps, which the majority of his photographs feature. “During these wild trips I sleep in a tent that I always set in places with outstanding scenery, often remote and difficult to reach, where I can take pictures of sunrises and sunsets.”

His key to the breathtaking sceneries? He avoids “popular” trails and crowded places. “I’m not afraid to take risk by going with a camera on climbing routes like via ferrata and spending nights in a tent on a glacier at an altitude of 4,000 m above sea level, even during the cold weather and strong winds.”

Here are just some of his amazing mountain pictures:













If you like his work, visit Karol’s Facebook page for more.

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