The Art Elephant was inspired by my love for art and traveling. It was equally inspired by my love for elephants and the idea of making the world a better place through creativity and awareness. My recent trip to Thailand awakened me to the realistic issues my favorite over-sized creatures face, not only in third world countries, but in the United States as well. In the past these animals were free and happy, but today over 30% of the remaining Asian Elephants are in captivity and treated very poorly. Good news! Today spurs a change in the future of these beautiful animals. India has officially banned the use of elephants in circuses. Many thanks to PETA, who did a 9 month investigation uncovering the cruelty and abuse these animals are subjected to at circuses all over India. I am excited to celebrate with a photo tribute to the largest and sweetest land mammals left on earth.

chantelle-lamoreaux-elephant-photos-2Photo By: Chantelle Lamoreaux

chantelle-lamoreaux-elephant-photos4Photo By: Chantelle Lamoreaux

marina-cano-photoPhoto By: Marina Cano

auttapon-nunti-elephant-photosPhoto By: Auttapon Nunti

mario-moreno-2-elephant-photosPhoto By Mario Moreno

olivier-blaise-elephant-photosPhoto By: Olivier Blaise

marina-cano-2-elephant-photosPhoto By: Marina Cano

marsel-van-oosten-elephant-photosPhoto By: Marsel Van Oosten

laurie-rubin-elephant-photosPhoto By: Laurie Rubin

sasi-smit-elephant-photosPhoto By: Sasi Smit

chantelle-lamoreaux-elephant-photosPhoto By: Chantelle Lamoreaux

isak-pretorius-elephant-photosPhoto By: Isak Pretorius

morkel-erasmus-elephant-photosPhoto By: Morkel Erasmus

chantelle-lamoreaux-elephant-photos3I wanted to end this with my favorite photo of me kissing an elephant taken at the Elephant Nature Park in Chang Mai, Thailand! The owner Lek Chailert devotes her life to rescuing these beautiful creatures. Please check out her site CLICK HERE.

Thanks for reading!!