A 28-year-old artist named Stefan Bleekrode draws breathtaking pictures of cities he visited, purely based on memory. The Dutch artist has been gaining attention online recently because of his unique talent at creating snapshot drawings with the most impeccable detail humanly possible.

On his website he writes, “Most of my paintings can best be described as snapshots of things I’ve seen when travelling or just going through my everyday routine, small bits of beauty in familiar settings.” Interestingly enough, he didn’t always start this way – in fact he did the opposite.

While he started drawing at age 10, he only started painting about eight years ago. He is also pretty much self-taught, which is even more impressive. “I’ve been drawing already since the age of ten, creating my own imaginary cities on paper, as a substitute for the passion of travelling that has been with me all my life.”

The Dutchman from Eindhoven uses nothing but his memory to sketch cities he’s visited, including New York, Paris, and London. Sure, a lot of his pieces are of those in very familiar yet distinct locations, but really, who among us can remember entire places we’ve visited in that much detail?

Today Stephan not only draws memories, but also creates them in imaginary cityscapes as well. See what you can recognize among his creations:












Visit Stefan’s website to know more. Thanks for reading!