Moiré patterns are no longer just for geometry and physics – while people have used them for art before, no one has done them so gracefully like Andrea Minini. Her illustrations are composed entirely of these hypnotizing designs, except they are all of animals.

It’s fascinating how just a few lines can create such detail and depth in a drawing. This series she created, called “Animals in Moiré,” actually started out as a mere experiment. The Milan-based designer uses good old Adobe Illustrator to create textures using simple lines to form designs that are anything but.

The shapes she creates are just black lines on white/light backgrounds, with the overall outcome looking like a high-contrast design reminiscent of architecture and hollow sculptures. Her subtle yet highly effective technique is one to look out for – it can both inspire you and challenge you. Check out some of her works here:









If you want to follow her works (she already has two vector moiré projects, and a bunch of other graphic designs), go to her Behance page.

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