France seems to be enjoying its fair share of site-specific street art – if you remember Pejac painting the streets of Paris (and the rest of the world), then you’ll surely love the works of Levalet.

The French artist, whose real name is Charles Leval, adds yet another dosage of humor to the streets of his home town. He uses glue and pasteups onto walls, but places each strategically so the pieces interact with the environment in some form.

The pasteups often have a few props here and there, but most of them usually just utilize what’s already there in the environment. Some of his most notable works include ostriches in an alley corner, or a bull head fountain becoming a minotaur, just to name a few. Having started only in 2012, Levalet is really making a name for himself.

“I was looking for places and contexts to operate,” says Levalet of his wall pasteups. “The street became a creative space I had to invade.” When not out on the streets, though, you can find him teaching art or showcasing work in a gallery. Clearly, he’s got the best of both worlds going well for him.

Here are some of the TAE creative team’s favs from his most recent works as well as a few of his older stuff:












For more on Levalet’s work, check out his website or his Facebook. Most of the stuff there is French, but the artworks’ language is universal anyway.

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