Photographer Kent Shiraishi is an artist based in Hokkaido, Japan. Every season, he has made it a point to take a few pictures of the world-famous blue pond located in his home town. For people who use Mac computers, you’re probably familiar with it already – it’s the same location where the “Blue Pond” wallpaper was shot.

What is Kent’s fascination with this pond in particular? “This blue pond in Hokkaido changes colors depending on the weather. For example, in spring it turns into spectacularly green color,” he explains. We’ve also learned that it’s an artificial pond and its color is such because of aluminum hydroxide.

“It was created as a part of erosion control system that was built to prevent Biei in case of an eruption of Mount Tokachidake,” he continues. It’s such a dichotomy to have something made artificially look so natural and divine. Kent says it’s his favorite place for taking pictures, and calls the pond “a dreamy spot for photographers.”

What’s so fascinating about it is that the location of Hokkaido allows the pond to look so hypnotizing and winter-like almost all year long. It’s green during spring, white and frozen over during winter, and blue for most of the year. Clearly, there’s no need for Photoshop or other image editing because it’s magical on its own.

Because of this pond, Kent has won an Honorable Mention in the National Geographic Photo Contest in 2011 (with the photo above) and the snow storm shot below was chosen as the Top Shot of National Geographic as well.


Here are just some of Kent’s other best shots of the pond:













Follow Kent’s works at his 500px and fotoblur portfolios or download his wallpaper from the National Geographic website.

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