Nathan Colantonio, a.k.a. Modifeye, is an artist who “combines wildlife and urbanism into surreal art.” The self-taught photographer hails from Toronto, Canada (though born in Montreal). Other than dabbling in the art of taking photos and modifying them into something heartfelt and moving, Nathan also has a diploma in graphic design.

So what’s the reason behind the moniker “Modifeye”? According to the artist, the name is an identity he “came up with to represent my style of work. Photography is all about having ‘the eye’ or having creative vision.”

Yes, it’s a combination of the words ‘modify’ and ‘eye,’ but Nathan explains the name even further. “I like to take photos but then modify them into something special and unique. See the world around you differently, vision what it can be and then ‘Modifeye’ it.”

In his latest series, he explores the duality of life on earth, mixing animals and plants with urban landscapes. This allows not only for images to look surreal but to touch on environmental issues, among other things.






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All images are owned and created by Nathan Colantonio. You can reach Nathan through his website, Behance, or Facebook.

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h/t: Colossal