Haydee Reveles “iBelieve” and Her Self-Taught Techniques

Some people are really just born and blessed with talent, and I believe Haydee Reveles is one of those people. The Los Angeles based self-taught artist paints the most beautiful and interesting images I have seen in a while.

Her technique is impeccable, and the result is enchanting. Most of her works feature moody portraits (usually of women), but there are a couple of things that feature other elements as well – a skull, the human heart, and tattoo-inspired designs.

She calls her works “iBelieve” art, and quite rightly so. She first had struggles with painting, saying she knew it wasn’t going to be easy especially using oil paint. She elaborates, “…even from the comments I heard from people. But I figured all that didn’t matter to me. I felt that if I try and succeed, then good for me.”

“But if I tried and failed, then I would keep painting until I saw an improvement,” she continued. “I know that in the beginning my work was not the prettiest, but I did notice improvements that made me not quit.”

She’s proud of how far she’s come, and that she learned everything on her own. She said that the internet helped a lot, especially when she researched on how to mix various media and create techniques she needed for her images. “I’m proud enough to be an example for the other artists that teaching yourself could be accomplished if your heart is in the right place.”

Her advice for other aspiring artists? Be passionate. “Always … about your work, even when you think it might not be good enough,” she says. “Have your own style and be original because that’s what’s going to set you apart … most importantly just believe in yourself.”

She has previously featured in Thumbprint Gallery. Here are some of Haydee’s other amazing paintings:












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