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We love typography here at TAE, but we haven’t featured some in a while. A few weeks ago we discovered an artist on Instagram, and tried reaching out to him. Unfortunately, to no avail. However, we’re super impressed by his works that we still decided to feature his works sans interview.

Indonesian artist Khairul Fikri is pretty elusive, with barely any write-ups or information about him online. However, we learned that he’s owned Khairulitie Studio since 2012. Basically, it’s his self-made company catering to various clients that need graphic design, hand lettered art, and graffiti.

Khairul is based in Pekanbaru, Indonesia, the capital city of Riau, Sumatra. He is well-versed in English, and most (if not all) of his typographic works are in English as well. You can see a lot of his art isn’t just on screen or on paper.

In fact, he has created murals, designs on apparel, and even has had decal/painting designs on odd things like motorcycles, as well as logos, and even mock designs (such as artwork based off original typography with a different set of words in them).

He’s also used various medium other than pens and paints, and often mixes typography with graphic design and drawing. Sometimes the design is handwritten first, then made digital. Sometimes, it’s the other way around! Looking through his Instagram or Behance can take you hours upon hours, as there are countless designs that boast this man’s talent in the arts.











It’s amazing how typography has such a broad scope – all originally coming from one main thing. By definition, it is “is the art and technique of arranging type to make written language legible, readable, and appealing when displayed.”

There are so many kinds of typesetters these days, from traditional to digital. Generally speaking, typography can include the work of typesetters, compositors, typographers, graphic designers, art directors, manga artists, comic book artists, graffiti artists, and basically anyone who arranges letters, numbers, and symbols for display and publication.

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It could be for documents, clothing, industrial design (which we learned is something Khairul also does), and so much more. Recently, it has also become a hobby or relaxation technique for some, with the sudden popularity of calligraphy classes in certain demographics.






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