Giant signs are, in a way, old school typography. A guy named Donal McKernan got my attention – he’s part of the team at Danthonia Designs, whose simple tag line “Where Tradition and Technology Meet” says so much about what they do. They create hand-crafted signs in the land down under, and what they do will really impress you.

Based in New South Wales, Australia, Danthonia designs has been around for about 15 years now. And yes, they cater to clients worldwide in addition to their local customers within the Inverelle district. Basically, the team does a mix of sculpting, gilding, and carving using a chisel. It’s not just the labor of love they do that will get you – it’s the amount of fun they have that really draws you in!

Here’s a video of them doing a pub sign for a place in Oregon:

Who knew creating signs like that one took so much effort? Here’s another one of my favs, it shows how to carve letters. After meticulous designing on paper, they use sandpaper, a chisel, and a V-Tool (to help create that awesomely perfect 3D effect). Take a look:

Here are some of their finished works:









You can view more of their videos and know about them at their website.

Thanks for reading!