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It wasn’t too long ago when we discovered Matt Elbert via Instagram. We saw his cute illustrations of vintage cameras, a 3-part series, and instantly became fans. Based in Fayetteville, AR, the graphic artist does an interesting mix of both grungy, gritty pieces of art, as well as clean, professional branding. In addition, he does a mean job at doing hand lettering!

On his Behance, he has stated, “I have a strong passion for brands and identity. I love design and have a huge passion for it!” It comes as no surprise, since he took up a Bachelor of Fine Art: Degree in Graphic Design in Arkansas State University in Jonesboro. He then moved to Fayetteville to further pursue his career.

He placed high in the American Advertising Awards (ADDY Awards) several times, winning Bronze twice (2013 and 2014), Silver (2014), and Gold (2014) for his work on various logos including the RC Cola & Moonpie logo and Kudzu’s Bar & Grill campaign (see below):


“I believe design can change the world,” he says on his Behance profile. He has prints and t-shirts available for purchase, and you can also contact him for possible client work. Recently, he has added 3D designing to his arsenal of graphic skills, having designed a Kingdom Hearts Keyblade which you can check out right here:


The main set of images that grabbed our attention was the vintage camera series:




But it seems, he’s onto a vintage radio series as well! Here’s the first of his (hopefully) many illustrations:


As mentioned in the title of this post, we believe Matt has quite a balance of the clean and the grungy. Here are some of his works that showcase such a skill – from professional bottle/brand designs to hand lettered logos and designs, this man sure knows how to play with his imagination!




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Graphic design is one of the fav topics here at TAE, since we are huge fans of illustration, typography, and advertising. Would you believe this can all be traced back to the stone age when rock and cave art began? In the modern world, we have elaborate tools and software, but back then the people of various tribes used whatever was at hand.

Matt Elbert seems to be the type who will draft something by hand first, later scanning and vectoring his art, as seen in the sample below:


Isn’t that cool? You can feel the hard work it took for him to create something that meant something to him, and turn it into a really amazing piece of art.

Self-described as an Arkansas native hand-letterer, illustrator, and design enthusiast, Matt Elbert is definitely one artist to keep on the lookout for. You can keep up with the artist’s works on the following sites and social media pages:
Instagram @mattelbert
Behance /mattelbertcreative
Society6 /mattelbert
Facebook themattelbert
Crated /mattelbert

All images used are created by the artist. You may send him an email through

Thanks so much for reading!

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