Many people have been fascinated by the monopod, also often called the selfie stick, whether to satisfy not missing out in group photos or as an arm extension when taking difficult shots. Mobile photography hasn’t been the same since.

What makes GripDat different, then? Funded via Kickstarter, this product is a “grip system for your smartphone,” working via Bluetooth on any Apple or Android device, as well as GoPro. The remote works as far as 30 feet away.

The lightweight device allows users to attach their phone or camera with GripDat’s quick release clip. The entire thing can be assembled and disassembled easily so you can use it instantly or keep it in your bag for when you travel.

Started by Steve Sawitz, a professional photographer for over 2 decades, he says while he’s been taking photos that long already he finds himself using his phone as his “everyday camera.” On the Kickstarter page he explains that phone cameras are advanced but awkward to use, unstable, and have potential for getting dropped.

“Getting great action shots is nearly impossible and capturing your finger photo bombing your special moment is seriously annoying. So, I found a solution to solve these problems by cross-pollinating the best functions of a selfie-stick and a GoPro® camera and created Grip Dat,” he said.

Steve designed everything, taking inspiration from his experience as a photographer. “I took components and functions from my tools as a professional photographer and created a compact accessory that everyone can use to record life easier. This product is one of a kind and fills the void of what’s been missing in mobile photography, especially at this price point.”

You can still back this project and get your own GripDat, and receive one of the first kits for as low as $20 (retail value is $39.99) by September.







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