Sometimes, simpler really is better. Few photographers can capture so much with so little, but LA-based photographer Kevin Saint Grey surely can. His black and white photographs, usually of skies with buildings or trees in the foreground, prove that the minimalist approach can reap some beautiful abstract art.

Kevin’s real name is Kevin Kwok, and he goes by both names professionally. He first ventured into photography less than a decade ago, and he says it’s “more of a whim than anything.” He confessed that there wasn’t really anything that drove him to buy a camera, nor were there any photographers he admired so much that he wanted to be just like that.

Growing up in an artistic family, he started out with music but eventually went on to photography because he was curious about visual arts. “I studied various photographers and images,” he said in an interview, “After that, I became hooked.”

His signature style is monochrome, and in a square format. He describes that the reason behind that is how he sees the final image in his imagination. “I try not to limit myself to a particular format and let how I view a particular scene when I am photographing it dictate it for me,” he explains. “I think forcing a particular processing style and/or format onto a image where it doesn’t work leads to unbalanced final product — everything needing to work together in harmony (composition, processing, formatting) for an image to ‘come alive.’”












For more of Kevin’s fine art photography, check out his website.

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