In a time when selfies are the standard, ballet dancer Mickael Jou proves to us that there’s more than one way to do it. His timed shots capture him mid-dance pose (and often mid-air) showcasing not only graceful ballet moves but also a story.

The amount of work Mickael must put into these self-portraits are probably some of the most tedious shots that can be considered selfies, as the artist is targeting to complete 365 of them! The Berlin-based Taiwanese-French-American is a trained dancer who says he expresses his emotions in the amazing photos we see here.


“Dance is a very powerful art form,” he says on his bio, “and I try to translate my emotions into my photography.” He does shots in a variety of places too, which is probably why some people would describe his images as poetic on top of being graceful and aesthetic.

“I spent the last three years working on this 365 photo project and will probably need another three years to finish it,” he confesses. Right now, he has completed and posted 193 shots, each of them mesmerizing in their own right.







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Don’t forget to check out Mickael’s Tumblr, Facebook and Instagram for updates. We wish him the best of luck in completing this project – it’s one of the most inspiring we’ve seen so far!

Images all taken by the artist. H/t: Bored Panda

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