Graffiti duo Pichi & Avo contributed to last month’s North West Walls Street Art Festival. Held in Werchter, Belgium, the event was curated by Belgium artist Arne Quinze, who also made the structure which the Spanish pair painted on. Involving a number of stacked shipping containers, Pichi & Avo had complete creative control on the site-specific installation they worked on.

If you’re not yet familiar with Pichi & Avo, they have a trademark style of painting Greek gods amid beautiful splashes of Mediterranean inspired colors, layered over a backdrop of graffiti. Their attention to detail and their high-quality output grace every piece of work they ever did. This impressed Arne, saying, “Their work is very striking and always commands the spectator’s full attention.”

While the North West Walls festival is now over, their creation still stands. Here’s a video of what went down during the event:

Most of their surrealist-inspired creations can be seen mostly throughout the streets of Valencia and wider Spain, but here’s a look at what they did for the festival:






If you like what you see, visit their site for more.

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