A new glass sculpture by artist Thomas Medicus has been making the rounds online because of its curious design. Depending on where you view it from, it shows one of four different anamorphic images. The piece is composed of 160 separate glass strips, hand painted on each of its four different sides.

When you rotate the sculpture, called “Emulsifier,” you will see either a fish or a bird – two sides of each can be seen. Are you confused yet? Check out this video to see exactly what I mean:

If that isn’t an indication of patience and brilliance, I don’t know what is. Now I went online to see who this guy is, and it turns out Thomas does plenty of different things. Whether it’s illustration, painting, video and animation, glass painting, graphic design, or music, this guy does it all. This artist born in 1988 also has a common theme in many of his works – the fish and bird appear in a lot of his projects, ranging from flipbooks to hand drawn animations.

Here are more smooth animated images for your viewing pleasure, as well as close up shots of the four separate images at their proper angle:









To see more of Thomas’s wide range of art, visit his website. Thanks for reading!