A German street artist who calls himself 1010 has been creating colorful spray paint portals all over the world for a few years running already. Having done this style of street art since 2009, his gateway-like creations have graced the walls not only of his homeland in Germany, but also in Panama and here in the States too!

Here’s a quick video of the artist at work:

His creations make it seem as though there are either layers upon layers of color in the walls, or it could be a deep hole gaping through our mundanely plain urban landscapes. Based in Hamburg, the artist not only paints the streets but also has works on canvas and other surfaces.

The paper-like layers often are in a monochromatic fashion, starting off with a really light shade and colors would go deeper as the “holes” also go “deeper.” He does a bit of variety sometimes, using colors that don’t necessarily belong in the same palette. He would also, on occasion, take a play on the surrounding area and create the portals in a way that follows its environment.

However, he is not a one trick pony either. While the layered colorful holes seem to be his signature style, he also has done work for billboards and other projects, featuring other types of images and shadowy figures with colorful accents. However, the color pools really do seem to take center stage.

Regardless what kind of art 1010 does, one thing is for sure – what he creates are attention-grabbing and quirky. Check out some of his fun layered works below:








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Check out his blog (warning, it’s mostly in German) to keep tabs with what he’s up to, or you could like his Facebook page and follow his Instagram as well.

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