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Manuel Pita, better known as Sejkko, has an unusual but seemingly common subject matter: “lonely” houses that often go against a backdrop of blue skies and nothing else. Describing his art as “magical realism,” the artist uses experiences from childhood as inspiration for what he does.

In fact, the pseudonym he goes by came from the Japanese word seikko, a word that means “sincere child” and “force of truth” – some things the Venezuelan-born photographer portrays in his fine art. Apart from his photography, he is also a scientist with a doctorate in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science! Now if that isn’t wildly impressive, we don’t know what is.

On his website, he writes:

“I seek visions that are celestial, but that have roots, blood, muscles and bones. I seek the magical — often invisible in every-day reality. I seek the wise playfulness of old souls growing up as human children. I seek the tribe, and I seek to be whole alone. I seek the evolution of nature and of technology. I seek a happy ending where they meet and become interlocked in a dance for interdependent survival. I seek a deeper understanding and subjective experience of the underlying principles at work in the universe…”

Just as he had discussed, he was able to express those emotions and memories into something people enjoy. On a submission to Bored Panda, he said that the lonely houses project displays the connection between being at home and being alone.

On Bored Panda he wrote, “My ‘lonely houses’ started when I was very little, and realized there was a dichotomy between the feeling of ‘home’ I had inside of me, and what I was perceiving outside, in the place where I was born.”

He told Telegraph that while he was always in Madeira beach in Portugal, and it started from there. “Two and a half years ago I was, like almost every summer, in my family home in the island of Madeira and passed by the house of the old doctor that used to see people in the little town my parents come from,” he recalled.

He discussed this more in Arch Daily – “My houses often have the vibrancy of the place where I grew up, but they may confuse the viewer,” he explained. “Sometimes they may feel lost, and out of place. Some other times, they have a sense of self-containment, and of human warmth inside. My houses will always carry elements of the child in me, and my home dichotomy.”

Now based in Portugal, Sejkko keeps capturing these childhood memories using his cellphone, subsequently editing them (also on his phone) to “bring them as close as possible to the way my eyes see them.”









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For more information about the artist, visit the following websites:
Instagram: @sejkko
Facebook: Sejkko
Twitter: @sejkko

All images on this feature are by Manuel Pita a.ka. Sejkko.

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h/t: Facebook, Arch Daily, Telegraph, Bored Panda

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