DKNG is a graphic design and illustration team of two friends, Dan Kuhlken and Nathan Goldman. Fueled by the same interests such as film, music, and design, they decided back in 2005 to found a design studio that showcases their common passions. Since then, this creative pair has established themselves and has created art for some of the most renowned global brands, music artists, and businesses. They do ad campaigns, logos, website designs, and other types of visual media.


Among their long list of clientele, DKNG has worked with ABC Family, Benefit Cosmetics, MTV, HBO, Disney Channel, Warner Brothers, Austin City Limits, Paramount, Oakley, Taco Bell, Maxim, Men’s Health, and many others. Even music acts like Bon Iver, Phish, Iron and Wine, Dave Matthews Band, Jack White, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Fun., and The Black Keys have all worked with them, as they really enjoy creating things that are related to the music industry.

And yet, regardless of their high profile client list, their humble beginnings all started when they went to high school together. Believe it or not, Kuhlken and Goldman ran on the track team first. They became friends from there, and eventually discovered they both loved music. Initially, they formed a band so they can play music together. However, when college came, they decided it might be better to collaborate through design instead.

Here are some of their works you might want to check out:














If you’re interested in knowing more about the duo, or if you want to purchase a print, visit their website.

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