From Pavements to Paper: Former Graffiti Artist Now Does Paper Cuts

Former graffiti artist Aurel Rubbish converted his style of art from the streets and onto paper. Today, the 33-year-old French creative has been focused on the delicate art of paper cuts. Over the past four years, he has been carving delicately lacy designs onto paper.

Inspired by tattoo designs, street art, and American Pop Surrealism, Rubbish uses a knife, some gold-leaf, and glue to create and combine his ridiculously cool paper creations. “Paper is a noble material,” he says.

Rubbish still does street art, per se, since his cut ups can be from the smallest pocket-sized ones to the meter-high ones found on abandoned Paris walls. Some of his works are featured in the poshest Swiss galleries, while some are on the streets with the paper unfortunately falling to pieces due to exposure to the elements.

Why did he choose this metamorphosis, then? “I didn’t have any soul at the time and I mainly tagged rubbish bins,” he said, talking about how he never really was one with spray painting. When a collector pointed out to him how gorgeous the graffiti stencils were on their own, Rubbish started his artistic transformation.












Visit Rubbish’s website to see his latest works. Thanks for reading!