One of the best things I love about art is it’s non-restrictive. You are never limited with what you can do, and discovering Kat O’Sullivan’s work is a reminder of that. Originally, she upcycles clothes and sweaters, and other things on occasion as well. She has started doing murals and even decorates a bunch of school buses. Her latest project, though, is her own house.

Recently, Kat purchase a home in upstate New York, and it’s a charming little house built in 1840. “I just thought it was cute,” she explained in an online interview, “but it was the kind of house you would drive by and never notice.” Staying true to her style of whimsy colors and loud prints, she repainted the house to her liking.

“It seems like anything within my grasp ends up painted a million colors,” she says. Her self-described “creative mayhem” transformed the formerly blah house after she got some supplies from the local paint shop. “Give me one of everything!” Since then, she spent a great deal of her time painting and renovating the place.

Arguably now a great piece of street art, she calls the home and art piece “Calico.” Kat believes it will forever be a work in progress and even claims, “it will only get weirder.” Weird is good, though, as her odd combinations of rainbow colors, shapes of facial parts, and strange windows certainly mesh well together.

Here are a few “before” shots:



And here is what it looks like now, from different angles:










Visit Katwise, her official website, to check out her other quirky stuff. Thanks for reading!