First and foremost, happy holidays from me and the whole TAE team! 🙂

It’s only right that today’s post should be holiday themed, and boy do I have a feast for your eyes. “Snow artist” Simon Beck creates massive patterns on snow and best seen on an aerial view.

By profession, Simon produces orienteering maps, but he says he “no longer takes this seriously.” Instead, he now travels around the Alps to hike and get to the summit for breathtaking sunset photography.

According to his page, he takes about an entire day to create these mesmerizing patterns on the ground. He barely stops, except to rest due to tiredness. “My feet are in a bad way but if I can keep my weight off the front of my feet things are not too bad,” he explains.

Because of the size of his creations, people often wonder about his process. In fact, he even does the occasional sand art too! He says designing isn’t that difficult, as he draws inspiration from crop circles and mathematical figures, or reproducing older designs he was not able to take proper photos of.

For Simon, it takes three things to be able to do what he does. “Orienteering expert, physical stamina if that counts as a skill, accurate use of a compass and distance measurement by pace counting,” he firmly states.

As far as people’s reactions, he says most people do enjoy and appreciate it, and wouldn’t actually ski through them. “Some of the off piste skiers would prefer to ski through untracked snow but the best snow art sites are not good for skiing anyway as they are too flat,” he says.













To keep up to date with Simon Beck’s astounding snow art, like his Facebook page. Thanks for reading, and happy holidays!