We found yet another amazing artist on Instagram! As we search though the app on a regular basis, we at TAE encounter so many great and talented people. What made this next guy, Alfred Basha, stand out from the crowd is his approach to creating his illustrations.

Based in Treviso, Italy, Alfred is of Albanian origin but settled in the Italian town about a decade ago, where he studied at the Faculty of Industrial Design IUAV. He describes himself as a “lover of bright contrasts where no one stoke is similar to the previous nor to the next.”

He also says he usually draws at night, using black-inked pens, specifically a Micron 005 black. This gives his drawings and illustrations that signature highly-detailed look that often just takes form in black ink and white paper. Thanks to his unique style, he was able to found a clothing brand called “Push and Up” and he also contributes to the brand he co-founded called Anjavy.

“Subjects of my illustrations are based on animal world and human being, poetically transformed into mutant creatures riding towards a surrealistic space,” he said in an art site where his work was previously featured. “Nature was my kindergarten, as you’ll see.”









While most of his works are black ink on white paper, Alfred has been experimenting! Sometimes, he’ll use other colors, or he’ll use an entirely different medium as the canvas of his works. Leaves, maps, books, you name it! He even tried painting with coffee, which is really rad.

Another experimental thing he does is, if you’ve noticed that most of his works are flora and fauna combined, he puts different twist using geometric shapes or negative spaces within the artwork. Certainly makes things more interesting, don’t you think?









When I first saw his stuff on Instagram, I instantly got drawn in. I especially love the leaves and the animal illustrations, especially the ones with brushed color behind. We at The Art Elephant can’t wait to see what this guy’s up to next time. We tried reaching out to him a few weeks ago to find out more about him and his upcoming art-related plans, so once we hear from him we’ll let you know!


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You can keep yourself up to date with Alfred’s works at the following:
Website: alfredbasha.com
Instagram: @alfredbasha
Behance: /alfredbasha
Facebook: Alfred Basha
DeviantART: alfredbasha
Tumblr: alfredbasha

h/t: Bored Panda, Positive Magazine, Abduzeedo

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