Many artists have known what they’ve always wanted to do since childhood, and Lana Chromium is one of them. Having started painting since her childhood years, her focus went into music education for some time. After completing that, though, she quickly enrolled into Art and Design High School by the year 2000 and eventually into Architectural and Design University by 2002.

Born in 1985 in Penza Russia, she continued her traineeship at Stroganov Moscow State University of the Arts by the time she was 19. Soon, she visited some family members across the globe in San Diego, California and instantly fell in love with the city and its people. By 2006, she became a local resident with an ever-continuing stint as a graphic designer.

She of course still loves to paint, and does a bunch of other styles including body painting which we’ll feature separately sometime soon! She describes her art as inspired by modern arts, surrealism, and impressionism, which of course are all amazing styles. She also says her fav technique is cold batik, which is a popular silk dye technique.

Lana has won a bunch of awards both in Russia and here in the States, and she continues to hone her skills both as a body painter and as a fine artists. Her countless paintings, drawings, batik art, illustrations, and graphic designs show her true passion and how much she loves everything she does.

Here are some top picks from her huge body of work, but remember you can see more of her art and you can meet her personally next week at the Art Social event I’m curating! We’re having it at Quality Social in downtown San Diego, so if you’re in the area, come by. The event is free and there’s going to be lots of music and other artists as well. You can check out full address and details via the Facebook event invite here.













For more about Lana Chromium, you can visit her website called Art by Chromium. Hoping to see you at Quality Social next week!

Thanks for reading!