Bicycle® is set to feature the fine art illustrations by artist Karina Eibatova on a special deck of cards. It’s every graphic designer’s dream to have their works in tangible form, and what better way than a beautiful set of playing cards?

Dubbed the “AVES” deck (the word is Latin and Spanish for “birds” and is also the scientific classification of birds), the designs on fine art playing cards are hand-drawn by Karina then converted into digital versions so they can be duplicated for the set.

Born in Russia, this Vienna-based artist and illustrator loves creating images from nature, and this has led her to create graphics for clients around the world. She’s done work for the New York Times, Atlantic Records, Wired Magazine in the UK, Monsterthreads in Australia, and Iloveyou Magazine in Germany. In addition, she also recently finished a mural in a luxury hotel in Spain.

This time, she’s done a wonderful job creating elaborate art for the deck, spending months to complete all the images. She took plenty of time to study nature and birds specifically for this project. She custom designed everything, including art, royalty, pips, backs, and everything else. Check out some of the samples below:







It’s still an ongoing Kickstarter project, which has already doubled its goal of $10,000 – at time of my writing the project has already reached $21,020 thanks to 684 backers. Pledging will last until October 8th and backers would get either an unbranded or Bicycle® branded AVES deck, depending on their selection. Those who pledge more can get other exclusives.

If you want to pledge, visit the project’s Kickstarter page. You can also visit Karina’s website to see her other works.

Thanks for reading!