Born in Denmark in 1974, NYC-based photographer Peter Funch has a lot of skills and titles under his belt. He’s even done editorial work for big names like Time Magazine and the New York Times, as well as displayed collections in The National Photo Museum in Denmark among many others worldwide. However, one of the most interesting he’s done is take pictures of when Sony let loose about 250,000 (!!!) colorful balls in San Francisco.

Sounds way too simple? Well, here’s the thing – this Danish photo designer took the photos that will make you look twice at what you’re seeing. There’s an endless rain of crazy colored balls bouncing all over the otherwise normal American neighborhood. There are empty cars parked in front of the wooden houses, giving off a quiet suburban vibe. And then within five magical minutes, a bouncy sort-of-anarchy ensues.

When you look at the pictures, you’ll see exactly what I mean. It’s like an odd combination of childhood wonder falling from the sky, showcasing wild imagination against a tranquil typical Californian canvas. Check out these photos and see for yourself:










And if you’re curious, here’s the Sony Bravia ad from 5 or 6 years ago, set to great music by Jose Gonzalez called “Heartbeats.” It’s eerily relaxing to watch!

To see more of Peter Funch’s other works, visit his site. Thanks for reading!