If you’re located in Germany and are looking for a breath of fresh air in the art world, come and drop by 30works Art Gallery – the exhibit called COLOGNE (Baumgaertel @ 30works) is currently on display, running since February 21st and will continue on until the 13th of March.

30works is a well-known art gallery based in Cologne, Germany – they feature and specialize on contemporary young art, recent pop art, and street art. Their newest exhibition is all about Thomas Baumgaertel, whose signature or tag is a spray-painted banana.

Thomas’s solo exhibition at 30works features his latest works serving as a tribute to its namesake, the Cathedral city of Cologne, and includes critical notes as well. Known worldwide since the early 80s, his nickname in his home land of Germany is “Bananensprayer,” which is only as fitting. Over the past 30 years, the artist has been labeled as a provocative yet often misjudged spray painter.

Yes, he is known for his spray paint works, but he has quite the artistic versatility and range – this may include drawings, prints, murals, collages, and object art! Many would even consider him a pioneer of street art, as well as a performance artist, painter, and installation artist. Regardless of the label, Thomas is all about one thing: fighting for artistic freedom.

You can see this reflected in his works, as he is well aware of what the effect of his art can have on his observers and admirers. This isn’t surprising once you find out he not only has proper training as a visual artist at the University of Applied Science in Cologne – he actually graduated in Psychology too.

In their press release, 30works describes the following about the artist and his latest solo exhibit:

Starting point and artistic homeland of Thomas Baumgaertel was, is and will be Cologne. The city is micro- and macrocosmos of his creative power – dearly beloved but critically eyed, abstractly thematised or immortalised by means of numerous motives. Consequently the exhibition „COLOGNE“ displays photorealistic acrylic paintings of the cathedral and the Clouth quarters in Nippes as well as a poetically depicted view of the Helios premises in Ehrenfeld among other quarters of the city.





The exhibit opens 3pm ‘til 7pm on Tuesdays to Fridays, and an earlier time of 11am to 5pm on Saturdays and by appointment. People in attendance during the opening night were able to witness a wonderful welcoming speech by Christoph Kuckelkorn director of the Shrove Monday procession in Cologne, as well as commendation from Dr. Martin Stankowski, publicist and award winner of the Cologne Price of literature.

30works Art Gallery – Antwerpener Str. 42 – 50672 Cologne – Germany – +49 (0)221/5700250

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