Another one of those artists that caught our eye on Instagram is visual artist and illustrator Ashba Zulfiqar. The Seattle-based Ashba does sketches and watercolors, as well as paintings, mixed media and other sorts of techniques, mainly for portraits. She, like many artists, uses their art form as an outlet for emotions.

Ashba uses the artistic process therapeutically. On her website she writes, “By combining my technical rendering skills, along with my personal experiences, I create stylistic watercolor illustrations of the human face.”

When using different materials, she plays on their strengths. For example, in sketches she likes to dive into plenty of detail. But in watercolors (one of her fav mediums), she experiments more to create dreamy effects.

“I like to use them loosely with more water and less control of the pigment when making art pieces that are more personal and emotionally expressive,” she explains.

Because her art is her therapy, Ashba says her artistic goal is to express strong emotions and explore surreal concepts, while at the same time connecting with whoever is viewing her works. “I believe my artwork should speak for itself, but also speak to you,” she says.

“Using my art, I hope to inspire others to create art that is meaningful to them personally,” she says in an interview. “I hope that my artwork helps people gain interest in the creative process and how it can be used to visually communicate anything with anyone and everyone in the world.”

Her advice for aspiring artists? “There are no limits to recreating and reinventing ideas and concepts that have been studied and portrayed by others.”







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All images are created and owned by Ashba Zulfiqar. Some info/quotes taken from McKenna Woolley Art.

More info about the artist: official website, Facebook, Society6, Instagram, deviantART

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