Not too long ago, we posted surreal dream-like images of Burning Man Festival from last year. However, attending that festival is literally a dream come true for yet another avid photographer and art lover Victor Habchy.

“This year, I simply packed my bag and traveled the world to attend this magnificent event,” Victor recalls of going on his solo adventure. Based in Paris, France, going to the US alone was quite a gamble. “I came alone, but let me tell you something – I never felt lonely for a second.”

He describes the event as “too beautiful to be true.” He says that he stayed in the middle of the Nevada desert for a week with just the basics – clothes, food/water, tent, and his trusty camera. However, to this day he still needs a little more convincing that what he experienced is a reality.

“I have never felt as much alive, as much creative and loved,” he describes of the experience. “People say you can’t describe what you feel during this festival. However, what they first told me when I arrived is relevant to describe how my week as, ‘Welcome home.’”

Not only did he feel at home – he felt, experienced, and admired the beauty in everything and everyone there – including himself. “I have shared so much, and I have been covered of joy, freedom and love.”

In comparison to the previous Burning Man photos by Ari Fararooy, whose creations were manipulated to add depth to an already dreamy and surreal environment. Victor Habchy’s is a little more raw, but still quite surreal to look at. Here are some of TAE’s favs from the (surprisingly colorblind) talented artist:






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You can visit Victor’s website or like his Facebook to keep updated with his photography projects.

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