Innovative New Euro Design – Concept Art by a Hungarian Student
The Euro is one of the most talked about currencies today – love it or hate it, many new members of the European Union dream of having it. The thing is, while the Euro is okay on its own, creatives like Barbara Bernat have other ideas in mind.

Her concept art for the banknotes are covered with European animals and plants rather than the typical persons and buildings that grace not just the Euro but most currencies around the world as well. Barbara’s version has a wonderful mix of both minimalistic yet complex designs. Her designs are so simple, but the drawings themselves have plenty of detail.

Barbara is currently a Graphic Design student at the University of West Hungary, and this Hungarian paper money set of designs is her MA project. She created 10 etched plates and did a similar process to the likes of actual money printing.

While it is indeed fictional, her designs have been receiving generally positive feedback from those who’ve seen it. On her Behance page, Barbara explains how the drawings turned into copperplate etchings, and eventually used the intaglio printing process to imitate the look of genuine currency.












You can see more about Barbara’s project on her Behance. Follow her | Tumblr to see what else she is up to.

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