I often get inspired by nature, and my being out of town for the next few weeks became a subtle reminder of how much I enjoy photographing it. Of course, I sometimes go online and check other photographers’ works to gather some inspiration and ideas. What I found of Darren Moore’s works was eye-opening. While he’s a self-taught photographer, his style is in no way amateurish.

Based in Surrey, England, Darren’s been into photography for many years and has been aspiring to make it his full time profession. His works are so gorgeous, they’ve been featured everywhere, from his home in the UK, to the US, France, and Canada. He’s even picked up a bunch of international awards! Not too shabby for someone who wasn’t formally trained in the art of photography.

I learned that his style really is black and white, and that he uses a technique called “daytime long exposure.” At first glance, no one would instantly believe his photos were taken during the day. The thing is, he uses neutral density (ND) filters which block an ample amount of light from the lens. This then allows the shutter to be left open for a long time (30 seconds to as much as 15 minutes) even during the day, resulting in pictures like the examples below.









You can see more of his works or order prints via his website.

Thanks for reading!