The looking glass is most often used for one purpose – to check our reflections and see if we look presentable enough. There’s one person, however, who uses it in an unconventional and very artsy way. Olafur Eliasson uses light and mirrors to create kaleidoscopic art installations that are mesmerizing for anybody who’ll encounter them.

Using perspective, lights, and glass, Olafur creates an almost supernatural feel wherever his installations may be. The mirrors contribute to the magic of his work and literally reflect his passion for the art he pursues. His work in no way encompasses all his other talents – he does photography, painting, sculpture, and film as well.

According to his bio, art is a crucial means for turning thinking into doing in the world. His installations, be it large-scale or relatively smaller, isn’t limited to museums and galleries either. He has projects in public spaces all over the world. Based in both Copenhagen and Berlin (where Studio Olafur Eliasson is situated), Olafur is one of those artists that really goes big and global in what he does. Truly inspiring!

I’d sure love to see at least one of these installations in person one day. For now, here are just a few beautiful photos of his creations. Could you imagine standing near one of these? Must be both really calming and mesmerizing!












Visit Olafur’s website to know what he’s up to. Thanks for reading!