Looking at yesterday’s post about Anat Ronen, it reminded me that it wasn’t the first time I saw impressive 3D street art. I then recalled another 3D painter whose works I simply adore – Edward Müller! A couple of years ago, he got pretty viral and was on every other website and news source, so I thought it would be cool to check out how he’s been ever since.

Edgar was born in Mülheim/Ruhr in Germany, but grew up in Straelen city on the western part of the country. It eventually became a big influence for him, as his fascination with the arts started from there, from the rural scenes of the city.

He then went to high school in a nearby town called Geldern, which again became another influence in his love of the arts. There was an international competition in that town, which involved street painting. Edgar joined at the young age of 16, and eventually won the competition when he was 19 with his copy of a famous Caravaggio painting “Jesus at Emmaus.”

Since then, Edgar joined many other international competitions and allowed him to earn the title of master street painter or “maestro madonnari” by 1998. This honor is given to only a few artists around the world, and is given at the Grazie Festival which is the world’s largest street painting fest held in Grazie, Italy.

By age 25, Edgar dropped everything and focused solely on street painting, allowing him to travel all over Europe making a living. Other than doing his art, he also gave workshops in schools as well as becoming committee member and co-organizer for several street art festivals.

Fueled by his passion, Edgar felt inspired to create the only Internet forum for street painters in Germany. It was so he could promote camaraderie between street painters of his homeland and the rest of the world. Here at TAE, we admire such works because it helps inspire other people to do what they love and spread good vibes wherever they are at!

Here are a few of my favs from Edgar’s mindboggling works:










To see the rest of his realistic 3D illusions, check out his website.

Thanks for reading!