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It’s been a while since TAE has featured something fashion-related or illustration-related, so we thought, why not do both? A dear friend tagged me on Facebook letting me know of this breathtaking artist whose talent and style really blew me away. Korean artist JaeSuk Kim (or simply JSK) basically plays with drops of paint and watercolor to bring life to his already-gorgeous fashion designs, and you have to see how they’re made to truly appreciate how amazing his works are.

In a compilation of his self-made videos (courtesy of Bored Panda), you can see exactly what I’m talking about:

Born in Seoul, South Korea in 1987, the artist now resides in Sydney, Australia but also sometimes works from his hometown. Being based in both cities, JSK has plenty of exposure worldwide, especially since his unique style has taken the internet by storm lately.

According to his website bio, JSK first previously worked as an Interior Designer and Fashion/Beauty advertising art director, with his career in illustration starting when he designed a series of quirky shaped bag under the name of Susu (hence the Susu Girls name).

The delicate fashion designs he works on have caught the attention of big names in the fashion industry, including Bloomingdales, Bulgari, Cartier, Dolce & Gabbana, Korea, and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia. It even earned him notable features in publications like Vogue Russia, Korea, Elle Russia, Harpers Bazaar US, Kazakhstan, Vogue Girl Korea, GQ, Valentino’s design headquarters, and many others.

In an interview with Instagram, where he mostly posts his art, JSK revealed how he works with his designs. Starting with a basic silhouette, he ads on to it with color then uses a brush to distribute. “I add shapes, lines and textures spontaneously to create an abstract and fluid form to represent couture-like dresses,” he spoke of his method. “I squeeze water droplets from the brush, then watercolors are added onto these droplets.

A lot of people would consider watercolor as either too tricky to use, or too “childlike,” but he loves it anyway. “I think the beauty of watercolor is that even if you make a mistake, it somehow adds a special touch to it,” he says.







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Similar effects have been achieved using acrylic paint, gold leaf, and (gasp!) candy:




Thanks for reading!

All media and artwork are by JaeSuk Kim. For more info, visit the following:

Website: So Susu
Facebook: JSK Fashion Illustration
Instagram: @jaesukkim

h/t: Twisted Sifter, My Modern Met,, Bored Panda, Bored Panda #2

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