A self-described “dream illustrator, costume lover, and world observer,” Evgeniya Golik is slowly becoming one of my fav fine artists. Hailing all the way from Russia, this amazing creative now has been living in San Diego, California since 2005.

Born to a creative family of architects, Evgeniya finished 5 years of art school and even took up Design & Architecture which she finished in 6 years. She says has always been passionate about art since childhood and that she’s obsessed with it. She loves blending that passion with beauty and fairytales, as reflected in plenty of her art.

Her main focus is fine art, as it’s what she enjoys the most, but she’s into “basically any field where I can explode my creativity.” She’s currently active in freelance portraiture, graphic design, interior design and decoration, stylist, and body painter. “Creating is something I cannot live without. Art is my fuel; it charges and energizes me every day.”

Her varied interests would come as no surprise once you find out how wide her influences are! She’s inspired by “Sandro Botticelli, Hieronymus Bosch, Albrecht Dürer and Renaissance era itself, Gustav Klimt, Mikhail Vrubel, Frida Kahlo, Brian Froud, Daniel Merriam, Gennady Spirin, Remedios Varo, Anne Bachelier, Peter Gric, Andrew Jones, Herakut, John Park, Gabriel Moreno, Iain Macarthur, Laura Laine, Tim Burton, and last but not least Alexander McQueen.”

Her list doesn’t even stop there. “There’s many more, actually,” she says. “I’m always following latest Art Tendencies. (I’m) always learning from the past and investigating what’s new to stay inspired.” But her other source of inspiration is her family. “There is nothing more important … in this world!” she declares. “They support me, inspire me and help me do what I love to do, what I was born for – art!”

Eventually I’d love to feature her work in one of TAE’s art shows, and I know she loves the idea too. When I asked her what her favorite thing about art blogging and group art shows would be, her response was more than enthusiastic.

“I love the idea of creative people getting together under same roof and joining in the same process, same agenda!” she discusses. “It’s better than any books and virtual tutorials. When people share art experiences in person, spread positive vibes and energies, inspire each other, (it’s) great motivation for personal growth!”
















To see Evgenia’s work, check out her Behance, Facebook, or Instagram accounts.

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