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Previously, we’ve featured JUSTKIDS when they were a part of Unexpected in Fort Smith, AR. This time, The Art Elephant checks out how they have transformed downtown Las Vegas just about a month after. For the Life Is Beautiful Festival 4th edition last October, JUSTKIDS invited artists from all over the world spanning various genres.

Curated by Charlotte Dutoit, the festival of street art covered the city with over 40 pieces that brought life to an already vibrant place. Started in 2013, Life Is Beautiful blends the old downtown area with gorgeous modern art, creating an outrageous pairing that just works.

“This union of opposites creates a metaphor that help us to transfer our preconceived visual idea of Las Vegas into divergent yet harmonious sight,” they discuss. “This change of perspective is made possible because the permanent, or long term, work on display – public installations, murals and sculptures – does not take away anything from the city (asides inspiration), but on the contrary it adds to its own peculiar vintage look and uniqueness. The city welcomes the art and the art dresses the city.”

There are so many amazing pieces that will vie for your attention, it’s difficult to know where to start. With such an amazing lineup for the past few years (such as Roa, Banksy, and the like), you’d think it would be hard to match or top it, but this year is one of the most diverse editions of the festival.

Shepard Fairey the Obey Giant, a master in reverse psychology created the mural on the Emergency Art Center building. Through his piece “Corporate Welfare” he hopes to inspire people to “take a closer look on the intrinsic connection between faceless corporations and a nontransparent government in a questionable democracy.”

Across that piece, France’s Fafi created a woman-empowering comic. Tristan Eaton’s “Fear no Fate” mural is just along the same street, with inspiration coming from history and glamour.

More amazing pieces come from newcomers Mike Ross “Big Rig Jig” (who you may have seen last year at Banksy’s Dismaland), as well as Australian Artist Mark Drew who did his first large scale mural, and contemporary artist Crystal Wagner whose 120-feet long installation is one of her rare outdoor ones (she does mostly indoor installations prior).

Next to that is Australian artist Amanda Parer’s “Intrude”, a main attraction that showcased giant bunnies and simply cannot be missed. Just nearby is the work of Argentinian visual phenom Felipe Pantone’s 3D mural.

On the next building, local contemporary artist Justin Favela created a bright pink piñata motel, along with Spanish artist Dulk’s mechanical birds, flying bulls, and many other fab things in the same venue. Meanwhile, Martin Whatson from Norway added two murals of his own, using his stencil technique. A little further north is the work of Bezt who comes from the Etam Cru duo known for their gigantic murals.

Here are photos of some of the street art and artists in action!









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Information and photos supplied by Eva Wang of JUSTKIDS. For more information, visit the JUSTKIDS website at Social media pages are below

Facebook: /justkidsofficial
Twitter: @TheRealJustKids
Instagram: @justkidsofficial

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