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November is proving to be a busy month for artists and art events in Southern California and actually around the world! TAE is already scheduled to attend 8 events next month and cannot wait to see what all these creatives have in store. As a true fan of photography I love the concept behind Double Exposure and am excited to promote this event.

Canvas Gallery is pleased to present Double Exposure, new photographic works by Leo Docuyanan and Mikesumoto. This will be the artists’ first exhibition together and will feature several perspectives of the urban landscape, some with overlapping subjects and concepts. This 3 week exhibition will have its reception on Saturday, November 16th, from 5-10pm, and will be open and free to the public for viewing.

Double Exposure is a combination of the photographers’ ongoing series of work documenting elements of the cities they frequent, primarily San Diego and San Francisco. In addition to this exhibition exposing the two photojournalists in a gallery context, the nature of the work relates to the show title in that it compares and contrasts the unique and stylized approach each photographer captures through the lens. Low-rider car culture, tattoo enthusiasts, and city landscapes are just a few of the themes that receive ‘double exposure’ being tapped into by both Docuyanan and Mikesumoto.

While a picture can paint a thousand words, photography sets itself apart from painting by freezing a moment of a reality that may or may not have drastically changed soon after the photo has been taken. It is this “truth” we can all seek and relate to. Through Docuyanan’s and Mikesumoto’s photos of intertwining cultures, subcultures, and the people embedded within them, we are taken one step closer to understanding others, ourselves, and the struggles we all endure, ugly, beautiful, and sometimes hidden.

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