Double exposure has been quite the trend lately, and we’ve even featured a few photographers and artists who use this technique before. However, a young artist named Patrick Antounian has taken it to an exciting new level: he painstakingly draws these buildings and portraits using graphite and charcoal!

The handmade drawings are even more impressive when you find out that Patrick is only 18 years old, and has only been drawing since five years ago at the tender age of 13. He started drawing and said he fell in love with the art while practicing for these past few years.

In a feature on Bored Panda, he describes: “The buildings I draw are a reflection of the character merged with them, creating that smooth and meaningful vision. My drawings are mostly black and white using graphite and sometimes charcoal, the most important thing in my work is making people fall in love with its details.”

Based in Beirut, Lebanon, this budding young self-taught artist is also taking up interior design, so his background in architecture takes center stage in his unique way of creating portraits. However, he is not a one-trick pony, having created different drawings in different styles as well.

Some of his artworks are available as prints and apparel (link below).







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For more information about the artist:

Facebook: Artistiq- Patrick Antounian

Instagram: @patrick_artt

Mont8 store:

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h/t: Bored Panda