Justin Mezzell – Orlando Florida

If you love vintage style illustrations, antique packaging and lettering, the reductionist art form of retro illustration and mid-century modern architecture, you will love this artist. I am truly amazed by the work of Justin Mezzell! He is a talented Illustrator from Orlando Florida who says he loves storytelling with his art. His quest for simplification of complex objects and mechanics ignited a full-fledged romance of all things vintage, appearing in many of his works.

rocketIn an interview with Justin he says, “Retro futurism is probably the most inspiring worldview to me in its boldness to dream.”gun1He has an obvious talent for making vector style images look realistic with definition and lighting.gun2


Other works have lots of texture creating a retro storybook feel.


In 2011, Justin was approached by PayPal to create an illustrative visual language with an internal team to unify and more clearly communicate the offerings of the company. Here is what he came up with… icon icon2 icon3

This illustration is a TAE favorite! “La Telephone” is an experiment in opposition. He wanted to illustrate an environment wherein human connections are made through various scenes that may have otherwise been perceived as cold or inhuman.love

His illustrations are creatively clever with a great amount of detail and dimension. I can’t wait to see what he creates next!robot

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