It’s not the first time we’re writing about JUSTKIDS or Unexpected 2016. In fact, even recently we featured a solo exhibit by one of their artists. Every single thing they’ve sent to us here at TAE blows us away.

Right now, UK artist D*FACE has been making some noise in Northwest Arkansas. Continuing the Unexpected project, a joint effort of JUSTKIDS and local nonprofit group 64.6 Downtown, the two-part piece by the talented Brit is definitely a sight to see.

The massive public art installation showcasing five giant arrows is accompanied by a mural – the first for D*FACE. This two-piece creation focuses on Native Americans, especially its women, who were quite skilled and trained in combat for using the bow and arrow. The artworks pay homage to these amazing and powerful women who basically are our great country’s foremothers.

As the artist explained, “It’s like a two part mural/installation. The idea is to connect a wall to something sculptural. Which I have never done before and I am quite excited about it.”

The five 40-foot long poles D*FACE erected weigh over a thousand pounds each! Strategically placed behind them is a mural that shows a woman in position using her bow and arrow, behind her a silhouette of her village. We learned that this is also an homage in itself, this time to the Trail of Tears.

Check out the documentary below shot by Raymesh Cintron, which features the process of creating both artworks. D*FACE talks about the pieces, as well as the Unexpected project, below:

Here are more photos both behind the scenes and after the art pieces have both been finished:







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Website: 64/6 Downtown / Just Kids
Facebook: The Unexpected Project
Instagram: @unexpectedfs

Thanks so much for reading! All the images used here are owned by their photographers and corresponding artists. Photos by Raymesh Cintron and Zane Cash, and video by Raymesh Cintron for JUSTKIDS. All these were used with permission from JUSTKIDS courtesy of Eva Wang, Media Relations Manager.

h/t: Supersonic Art, Unrated, Wide Walls