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A little over 5 years ago, we lost the brilliance that is Alexander McQueen. We at TAE certainly love his works, and we got excited when we found out that a few years ago, his brand’s collaboration with Damien Hirst came out. Three years later, and we’re still blown away!

The 30-piece scarf collection is a beautiful showcase that celebrated McQueen’s 10th anniversary of his skull motif. In a breathtaking short film created by Sølve Sundsbø, we can see this huge range of pretty, flowy, out of this world, ethereal, nature-inspired series.

The 30 unique designs were made available on the Alexander McQueen website and boutiques, brilliantly showcasing the aesthetic that the collaboration was aiming for. Symmetry combined with nature is one of the many things that make this so stunning. Created from chiffon, pongé, twill and cashmere materials, these scarves are art you can wear!

All the prints come from Hirst’s series Entomology: bugs, insects, butterflies, spiders, and many other creatures take center stage in each of the artwork and designs, carefully laid out to create the decade-old otherworldly McQueen skull motif.

For those who need a recap of fashion history, the Alexander McQueen skull scarf debuted during the SS03 Irere collection (Spring/Summer 2003). For Hirst, the series was inspired by Dante’s Inferno. The iconic skull scarves were available as a limited edition series back in November of 2013. However, the Entomology series by Hirst started way back – 2009!

The British artist’s large scale paintings somehow seamlessly fit into the McQueen signature and unmistakable emblem, sharing an aesthetic that boasts both nature and art in fashion. Stylist UK even said, “As both names are incidentally synonymous with iconic skulls (Damien Hirst’s platinum and diamond-encrusted skull titled ‘For the Love of God’) this pairing is a match made in design heaven.”



Here are all 30 exquisite designs, ranging from kaleidoscope types to symmetrical skulls, to random prints that still stand out. Can you pick a fav? We certainly can’t! Due to the limited availability, the exclusive series is now sold out.

  1. Judecca Skull Scarf
  2. damien-hirst-alexander-mcqueen-skull-scarf-04

  3. The Forgiveness Skull Butterfly Grid Scarf
  4. damien-hirst-alexander-mcqueen-skull-scarf-05

  5. God Fearing Circular Scarf
  6. damien-hirst-alexander-mcqueen-skull-scarf-06

  7. Butterfly Circular Scarf
  8. damien-hirst-alexander-mcqueen-skull-scarf-07

  9. Butterfly Skull Scarf
  10. damien-hirst-alexander-mcqueen-skull-scarf-08

  11. Butterfly Kaleidoscope Scarf
  12. damien-hirst-alexander-mcqueen-skull-scarf-09

  13. Full Tityus Big Skull Scarf
  14. damien-hirst-alexander-mcqueen-skull-scarf-10

  15. Psalm 113 Circular Scarf
  16. damien-hirst-alexander-mcqueen-skull-scarf-11

  17. Typhon Skull Scarf
  18. damien-hirst-alexander-mcqueen-skull-scarf-12

  19. Panegyric Skull Scarf
  20. damien-hirst-alexander-mcqueen-skull-scarf-13

  21. Green Mix Bug Skull Scarf
  22. damien-hirst-alexander-mcqueen-skull-scarf-14

  23. Cacus Scarf
  24. damien-hirst-alexander-mcqueen-skull-scarf-15

  25. Capaneus Scarf
  26. damien-hirst-alexander-mcqueen-skull-scarf-16

  27. Minos Scarf
  28. damien-hirst-alexander-mcqueen-skull-scarf-17

  29. Jacob’s Ladder Skull Scarf
  30. damien-hirst-alexander-mcqueen-skull-scarf-18

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  1. Perfect Moment Skull Scarf
  2. damien-hirst-alexander-mcqueen-skull-scarf-19

  3. Blue Circular Butterfly Scarf
  4. damien-hirst-alexander-mcqueen-skull-scarf-20

  5. The Forgiveness Circular Skull Scarf
  6. damien-hirst-alexander-mcqueen-skull-scarf-21

  7. Judecca Scarf
  8. damien-hirst-alexander-mcqueen-skull-scarf-22

  9. Psalm 113 Skull Butterfly Scarf
  10. damien-hirst-alexander-mcqueen-skull-scarf-23

  11. Judecca Circular Scarf
  12. damien-hirst-alexander-mcqueen-skull-scarf-24

  13. The Shock of the New Scarf
  14. damien-hirst-alexander-mcqueen-skull-scarf-25

  15. Persephone Butterfly Scarf
  16. damien-hirst-alexander-mcqueen-skull-scarf-26

  17. Tityus Big Skull Scarf
  18. damien-hirst-alexander-mcqueen-skull-scarf-27

  19. Tityus Skull Scarf
  20. damien-hirst-alexander-mcqueen-skull-scarf-28

  21. God Fearing Butterfly Scarf
  22. damien-hirst-alexander-mcqueen-skull-scarf-29

  23. Do You Know What I Like About You Butterfly Scarf
  24. damien-hirst-alexander-mcqueen-skull-scarf-30

  25. Magisterium Skull Scarf
  26. damien-hirst-alexander-mcqueen-skull-scarf-31

  27. Full God Fearing Circular Scarf
  28. damien-hirst-alexander-mcqueen-skull-scarf-32

  29. Heaven Butterfly Grid Scarf
  30. damien-hirst-alexander-mcqueen-skull-scarf-33

Designs, images and video are from Alexander McQueen (brand), Damien Hirst, and Sølve Sundsbø.

h/t: Vogue, Broadway Dance Magazine, Design Boom, Stylist

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